Access a free library of Christian education resources shared by fellow Christian teachers. Share your own resources for other Christian teachers to build on.

Support teachers (and students) in schools less well resourced, or just share the good ideas that God has blessed you with; a rich way to serve others in a professional setting.



Join a growing professional learning community of Christian teachers sharing and discussing the adventure of Christian education. Connect is a place to ask questions;  respond in service;  collaborate on new ideas;  and follow discussions on ideas related to your context.


God has designed us to need other people. This is no less the case as Christian teachers. Connect is a place to ask questions and to seek the advice of others who have walked before us or have insights from a different context.


God has gifted us with unique gifts. He calls us to share them where we can;  this includes professionally. Often we need to be encouraged towards bigger thinking. Ideas and resources don't need to be polished for others to build upon. 


The opportunity to collaborate in the context of our vocation is a rich blessing from God. Connect is the ideal place to collaborate on new ideas;  brainstorm as you polish existing practice;  and stimulate new thinking in Christian education.


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