Who Are We

Who Are We?

CONNECT is committed and passionate about Christian education. It is a free online community established to resource Christian educators and to facilitate sharing and collaboration. The CONNECT community recognises the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all things (including education) and recognises that the Bible not only points to the gospel of Jesus but speaks to all of life (including teaching practice). CONNECT is a place to share thoughts, ideas, and resources. It’s a place to collaborate and grow in all areas of Christian education. 

Christian educators are encouraged to join the CONNECT community, refine their craft and encourage others. 

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To CONNECT all Christian educators in an online community where they can share, collaborate, and grow.



CONNECTing Christian educators via a free online portal that facilitates the sharing and curating of resources and facilitates collaborative professional discussion through online (email-connected) forums.



An online sharing community for Christian educators has been a dream within Christian Education National (CEN) schools for quite some time. In 2011, such a facility was woven into the structure of a recently formed professional association for Christian educators (Christian Educators’ Professional Association). In 2019 it was decided that the sharing and collaboration facility would be removed from the professional association and opened up to all Christian educators for free. CEN have launched CONNECT to serve in this way and offer it to all involved in Christian education and Christian schooling.